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Dodging Gravity by Vvlad-vVolfen Dodging Gravity by Vvlad-vVolfen

Wolf by Vvlad-vVolfen Only Death by Vvlad-vVolfen The Redd God by Vvlad-vVolfen

The Lunar Eclipse Werewolf, the one Beast, spoken of in hushed whispers, with the name not to be uttered in dark places, where all lights seem to fade. The forsaken Demonwolf that never takes human form. He whom rises only in the night of the red lunar eclipse, the devilish night when all hell rises with him. He is the dead angel, hells hound, the devil dog, like a god among the bloody pack of Werewolves writhing around him in a blood fueled rage. So please, bring you guns, bring you knives and torches, your flesh and bone, blood and souls. He welcomes all with boundless unconditional love. Yessss, he loves your pitiful attempts to save your worthless lives, loves your every shred of flesh down to the last drop of blood. And loves your dead souls churned up in his wake, ever entangled and entwined to him like vile pigs caught in a vortex of ethereal razor wire, to be drag down with him to the ruinous depths of the infernal abyss, buried in the pit of bones, ever lost beneath the lowest dregs of hell. Forgotten and gnawed upon. Yes, yeesss… he loves you…

*Inspired by the works of Dale Keown.
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January 18, 2014
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